Community Partner Award Nomination

Nomination Deadline: Thursday, November 2nd, 2017

To view the nomination packet and submit a paper copy, click here.

This award is given to recognize an outstanding community member and/or agency that has worked closely with the University to promote public scholarship (community service, service-learning, civic engagement, etc.) amongst Truman students.  Community Partners play a vital role in engaging campuses and students with communities to meet critical needs.  Any community member and/or agency can be nominated for the award through a brief application process via the Center for Student Involvement, which will assemble a committee to review applications and select the award recipient.  While there will be one nominee recognized for their generous work, other finalists will be acknowledged as well.

Event Date: Tuesday, November 14th, 2017
Honorees will be recognized during the “Community Partner Appreciation Luncheon” to be held in conjunction with the SERVE Center’s Big Week of Giving.  Invitations to follow.


  • Nominees must be based in the greater Northeast Missouri community
  • Nominees must be an individual community member or registered non-profit or government agency (business entities are not eligible)
  • Individuals/agencies may nominate themselves or be nominated by a member of the Truman community (faculty, staff, students, etc.)
  • Nominees must have had a partnership with a member of the Truman community

– A partnership can be defined as any working relationship between a campus         and community constituent for any period of time that has worked together to       promote service, service-learning, civic engagement, or public scholarship
– The partnership/achievements of the community member/agency should be          relevant (approximately the last 12 to 18 months)

  • Using the Nomination Form below, the nominator needs to demonstrate how the nominee has achieved the following:

– How the community partner has reached out to the campus community (created   and sustained opportunities for engaging Truman students)
– How the partner has worked with the campus community to meet community         needs (evidence of having an active voice in the planning and implementation of   public scholarship)
– The impact the partner has had on strengthening student learning and                  development (evidence of benefits to students)
– Demonstration of effort in sustaining the collaboration over time

  • Supplementary material (i.e. pictures, reports, etc.) will be accepted