Project Facilitator Resources

Service Learning Agreements
The Agreement form serves as the student’s, advisor’s and community partner’s agreement to complete the proposed project and submit all required documentation.

Project Proposal Prompt
Project Proposals assist the Project Facilitator in conceptualizing and organizing the project in a manner that will lead to a successful project and rewarding learning experience for the students.

Tips for Project Proposal:

  • Be specific in descriptions of project, including the responsibilities of the volunteers and facilitator.
  • Describe the community agency and its role in the community.
  • Include:
    • Contact information of the community agency, a description of yourself or your organization (background that makes you qualified to pursue this project)
    • Specific learning objectives and how you will achieve them
    • Timeline of project (start date, length of project, tentative completion date)
    • Expected Challenges

Project Review Prompt
Project Reviews assist the Service-Learning Advantage Team in developing and implementing future projects as well as providing the Facilitator an opportunity to reflect on the success of the project.