Food Pantry

The Truman State University Food Pantry is a facet of the SERVE Center which works with the Truman student population to alleviate food insecurity, provide resources to those in need, raise awareness of hunger issues, and encourage student engagement to foster a sense of community and service to peers on campus.


    1. Alleviate Food Insecurity: Provide access to nutritious food options to address and alleviate food insecurity among students.
    2. Promote Student Well-being: Enhance students’ overall well-being by offering a variety of healthy food options that support physical health and academic performance.
    3. Foster a Supportive Community: Create a safe and inclusive environment that encourages students to seek assistance without judgment, cultivating a sense of belonging and empathy within the university community.
    4. Raise Awareness and Advocate: Increase awareness about food insecurity on campus and advocate for long-term solutions by collaborating with stakeholders, student organizations, and community partners.

If you are in need of food assistance, follow this link.

Students who use the Food Pantry do not need to verify their financial needs. The only requirement to use the Food Pantry is that the user must be a currently enrolled student at Truman State University. The Food Pantry trusts that students will use the food pantry only when they have a need for this resource. 

The Food Pantry strives to protect the privacy of all students who access it. We ask that students fill out a one-time demographic information form on their first visit to the Food Pantry. Use of the Food Pantry will not become part of the student’s record, nor will the student’s information be shared.